3 Benefits why you should become a member of OptometryDivas.com

Welcome to Optometry Divas!

We are a network of Determined, Intelligent, Vibrant, Assertive and Sassy women Optometrists who like to Empower, Connect and Promote each other’s success.

We are known for our spectacular, fun, empowering and educational events.

We offer many tools and resources on our website, in our consulting services and on our Facebook group to empower our members to succeed in their personal and professional life.

Here are 3 Benefits you can expect when you become a member of Optometry Divas:

1. To be Empowered through the following:

  • Personal Development
    • Get self-care tools and resources though our weekly eNewsletter, videos, blogs and events.
  • Business Development
    • Get the tools and resources you need to build a million dollar practice by signing up for our CEO of YOU® consulting program.
      • Develop a Winning Mindset
      • Develop a Winning Strategy
      • Develop a Winning Team
  • Clinical Development
      • Get the tools and CE classes you need to strengthen your clinical skills.

2. To get Connected through the following:

  • Attending our Live Events
    • Discovery Meetings
    • Local Quarterly Meetings
    • Annual Retreats
  • Attending our Online Events
    • Virtual Mastermind Groups
      • Peer to peer support
      • Business & Personal Development Sessions
  • All of our events are posted on our event page.

3. To be Promoted through the following:

  • Celebrating and publishing your accomplishments as the Diva of the week.
  • Opportunity to network with other women ODs and selected vendors who will promote your success.

Ready to get started?

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