5 Easy Things to Do in The Morning to Start Your Day Right

5 Easy Things to Do in The Morning to Start Your Day Right.

1. Spend a few minutes in Prayer and Meditation

Even if only for 5 minutes. You can do this while your coffee is brewing. Go sit by the window, close your eyes (careful not to fall back asleep) and take at least 3 deep breaths in and out. Welcome the new day and be grateful that you are here to experience it.

2. Look at your vision board

By putting a vision board somewhere you can see it every day, you will prompt yourself to visualize your dreams and goals on a regular basis. By adding a visualization practice to your daily routine, you will naturally become more motivated to reach your goals.

3. Exercise your body

Get out of bed and get your heart pumping. You can do simple full body exercises or you can jog on the spot. Whatever your exercise of choice is, try to get in at least 15 minutes of it.

4. Drink lots of water

Before your coffee or tea and before you do anything, get rehydrated. Your body has been without any fluids for probably up to 10 hours. It is dehydrated and needs some lubricating. Get two glasses of water into you immediately upon rising. You will instantly feel this hydration.

5. Look your best

You don’t have to wear what the super models are wearing to look your best each morning. Just wear appropriate, well-fitting clothes and maybe style it up a little with accessories. You’ll automatically feel confident, and that will show throughout the day.

What is your morning routine? Share in the comments below!

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