Congratulations! You are officially a Doctor of Optometry!

Now that you have finally graduated, you are no longer a student.  You are now facing the world as an appropriately qualified Doctor of Optometry! Way to go!!!

As a new grad, there’s a world of possibilities out there, and succeeding in the world outside of Optometry School means learning how to navigate it.

While Optometry Schools are great at preparing students for their careers, there are many first-time situations young doctors will find themselves in that they won’t know how to get through until they finally experience them. Here are five tips to help guide you in this new chapter of your life:

1. Enjoy the moment

Congratulations! You did it! You are officially a doctor! No more mid-tems, no more finals, no more practicals, and best of all no more burning the midnight oil. You will never be in this place in time again, so do everything in your power to take it all in. Celebrate! Celebrate! Celebrate!


2. Rediscover You

Over the past 4+ years of school, you’ve spent most of your time preparing and studying for exams. Now that you have some free time, make a point to rediscover yourself. What are your goals? What are your dreams? You finally got the degree, now what?

The path to the success you desire begins within you. Use this once in a lifetime opportunity to begin the journey the right way. Spend time in mediation, prayer and visualization. What is you mission in life? What is your vision? What is your purpose? The answers are there and will come to you when you seek them. Click HERE to get more tips.


3. Do an inventory of your hard and soft skills

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You just spent the past 4+ years developing your hard skills. Congratulations!  But remember, every other Optometry graduate had the same training and knowledge as you.  What will set you apart? Do an inventory of all your skills, especially your soft skills and determine which ones will help you stand out from the pack. 


4. Get your digital footprint in order

If a potential employee were to google you and/or look you up on social media, what message would they receive about you right now? Is your digital footprint promoting you as the professional that you are now? Or is it filled with not so flattering information/pics from your last escapade?

What ever message you chose to tell the world about yourself on social media is your choice. Just make sure it’s the message you want the world to see. If it’s not, it’s time to update your digital footprint.


5. Think outside the box

Due to the pandemic, you will be entering a fiercely competitive job market. But don’t worry, you are just as fierce. The past 4 years is proof that you have what it takes to succeed.  

When you start looking for work, be prepared to hear a lot of “No’s”. In fact, plan for them.  However, don’t let a failed interview get you down and certainly don’t give up.  If you aren’t able to find work in this post pandemic era, consider a residency to bolster your hard skills. Or consider volunteering locally or abroad on mission trips to improve your soft skills.

Here’s a mindboggling one… Agree to work for free for 3 months to prove yourself. Most employers will not say not to that!

We are living in a new normal.  What helped lasts year’s class succeed, won’t help you.  So be prepared to think outside of the box. For more tips on how to increase your professional value to potential employers, click HERE.


Congratulations again on your success!

My goal here was to give you some tips to help get you started in the right direction. However, If you need help, we at Optometry Divas are here to help you.  Email your questions to and we’ll do our very best to help you in any way we can.

On behalf of the entire Optometry Divas community, I wish you all the success in this new chapter in your life. 

Congratulations to the class of 2020!