5 Winning Strategies for Contact Lens Business Success

  1. Engineer The Contact Lens Exam Experience
  2. Determine Service Fee Schedules
  3. Create Your Practice Contact Lens Portfolio
  4. Promote Your Contact Lens Clinic
  5. Become Data-Driven


Engineer the Contact Lens Experience:


Before: This starts before patients even enter the reception area.

Website and Social Media Platforms:

  • Make sure you have plenty of educational information on your website about the benefits of contact lenses.
    • Especially one that answers common questions regarding contact lens wear.
  • Patient testimonials are also good social proof to add to your website.
  • Patient forms will help the patient save time during their visit

The initial phone call:

  • Use the initial phone conversation to educate patients on the benefits of contact lenses and to introduce the opportunity. Here’s an example of a script:
    • “Many of our patients say that contact lenses give them the freedom to come and go with ease, see everything clearly, and best of all they don’t fog up. If you are a candidate, our doctor can discuss some really cool opportunities.”
    • Avoid discussing fees during the phone call. Just alert the patient of the starting fees for your services.


During: This is the experience the patient will have in the office.

  • Check-in – Review the benefits of contact lens wear again with patients. Discuss service fees and collect base fees. Inform the patient that depending on the complexity of their prescription and exam, the fees may increase and you’ll collect the difference after they are finished with the doctor.
  • Preliminary Testing– While describing each test that is being performed, your staff can tie the results back into the topic of contact lenses. For example: “The auto-refractor provides your doctor with precise measurements of your eye and vision so that he or she can provide you the most accurate contact lens prescription.”
  • The Exam – In the examination room, you are the expert. Use this opportunity to educate your patients on the ideal contact lens modality based on examination findings. Chose the lens based on your portfolio, the patient history, and lifestyle, and the physical examination.
    • Many of our patients spend their workdays in front of a computer, so it is critical to discuss the topic of “dry eye and digital eye fatigue.” I always assume that my patients are experiencing some sort of dryness and contact lens discomfort until I’ve been proven otherwise. Actively diagnose and treat any underlying ocular surface disease while focusing on providing high-quality lenses in the chosen modality.
  • The Optical – Check-out
    • Make it easy for the patient to get their annual supply of contacts.
      • Make it affordable with subscription services
      • Use manufacture rebates
      • Limit purchase options
        • In my office, our patients have 3 options to purchase contact lenses: Annual Supply, Subscription Service, purchase elsewhere. This has proven to be the most profitable method for my practice.


After: This involves your follow-up care

  • Always send a follow-up email to contact lens patients to confirm that they received their contact lenses and that they’re doing well.
  • Remind them of the importance of annual exams to maintain ocular surface health and that you are always there if they ever need you or have any questions.
  • Thank them for trusting you with their vision and tell them that’d you’d be honored to provide the same care to any family members, friends, or anyone in their network.


Stay tuned for strategy #2 next week. Until then, continue to Empower, Connect, and Promote each other’s success.


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