Discover the CEO of YOU™ – Leadership!

  According to our CEO of YOU™ business model, a winning strategy should include a How-to-Manual and a performance evaluator for each of the following 5 pillars of business success: Leadership, Administration, Operations, Promotions and Sales. Pilar #1 – Leadership The CEO of YOU™ Leader is a DIVA.  She is Decisive, Influential, a Visionary and…
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Discover the CEO of YOU™ – Operations – Time to Sytemize your Practice Success!

Do you have an SOP manual for your practice success? How do you deliver exceptional service consistently? Can your team run your office without you? In a recent podcast with Women in Optometry Magazine, I discussed the importance of having an SOP manual as part of the CEO in YOU™ Business Model to create consistency, uniformity and success for you practice.

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