Divas Talk – Episode 1 – Is Work-Life Balance Overrrated?

Divas Talk – Episode 1 – Is Work-Life Balance Overrated!

We live in a society that works long and hard. On average, we spend about a third of our lives at work, and most of us pedal hard and fast.  As technology makes connecting with colleagues as far away as your nearest device, finding a balance between work and life becomes increasingly challenging.

Everyone seems to be in search of the secret sauce for work-life balance.  A Google search on the phrase will produce over 72 million hits and over 500,000 books.

The reality is that work is not separate from life; it is a part of life.  It can be a meaningful, rewarding part or it can be a distracting, disruptive part.  But trying to compartmentalize work from life and balance them as contrasting forces is an exercise in futility.  The human brain just doesn’t work that way.  The concept of work-life balance is overrated and incomplete at best.

Rather than trying to balance all things all the time, it’s better to approach life with a more fluid attitude. Some weeks you will feel like you’re present in all areas of your life, and other weeks you feel pulled strongly in one direction. Eventually, things level out before it begins again. The idea of balance is an unattainable standard that results in an almost constant feeling of failure.

3 ways to approach life with a more fluid attitude

During our show we identified 3 ways to approach life with a more fluid attitude and find more fulfilment in your life:

  1. Instead of trying to balance, focus on prioritizing your life according to your values.  Without identifying a set of guiding core values, it will be very hard to set priorities and live according to what’s important to you. Without identifying your top five to eight core values, your life will feel out of balance.
  2. Ask for help! Enlist the help of your spouse or partner and your children in your day to day lives.  Many times, we as women hope that our partners will somehow intuitively know that we need help and come to the rescue.  When they don’t instead of asking for help, we just get angry.  Your spouse can’t read your mind and doesn’t know you need help unless you ask. So ask and be as specific as possible when asking.
  3. Set boundaries around your life.  Know when to say yes and when to say no.  You can’t do it all and everytime, you just have to decline a request sometime.  And don’t feel guilty if you can’t do something.  You are not super woman.  You do not have superpowers. You have to guard your health and your life. So, say yes to help bit say no to perfectionism.

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