We Empower each other in the following ways:

Through our inspiration of the week and weekly newsletter where you receive tips to grow personally and professionally.

Through mastermind groups where we come together and combine our heads to find solutions to problems.

Through courses and workshops where you learn new skills to help you grow in your personal lives and grow your businesses.

Through consulting where you can leverage new skills to achieve a specific goal.


We Connect in the following ways:

Through our fun and engaging educational events (virtual and live).

On our social media platforms.

Through the sisterhood – a safe, positive environment where you will find peer support and a place to belong; where you’ll make connections and build trusting relationships.


We Promote each other’s success in the following ways:

Through our Diva of the week feature which gives exposure, improve digital footprint, promote credibility as an expert and leader in the field of Optometry.

Through our member directory leading patients to your practice.

Through opportunities to develop and promote a COPE approved course on our website.

Through opportunities to promote your side business among the membership.