I have the power to change my life!

Have you ever felt “not good enough”? Not smart enough, not pretty enough, not strong enough, just not… enough?


That was my story for a very long time. You see, a series of unfortunate events in my life led me to believe that I wasn’t good enough. And I held on to these limiting beliefs about myself for a very long time until I discovered these 8 words.


“I have the power to change my life.”


When I got hold of the meaning of that statement, I was never the same. For I had discovered my God-given power. It was always inside of me. All I needed to do was tap into it.


That is why I empower, connect, and promote the success of women ODs. I want to inspire YOU to discover the same thing I discovered and that changed my life, that YOU too have the power to change your life.


When the challenges in your life seem so big and you feel so small, I want you to remember these 8 words and put your right hand on your heart and repeat them out loud –

“I have the power to change my life!”


Now that you have found this power, I want you to go out there and dream big, take risks, and become the CEO of You.

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