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Our Network

We are a network of Determined, Intelligent, Vibrant, Assertive and Sassy women Optometrists who like to Empower, Connect and Promote each other’s success.


Our Events

We are known for our spectacular, fun, empowering and educational events. We use those events to Empower, Connect and Promote the success of women ODs.


Our Tools and Resources

We also offer many tools and resources on our website, in our consulting services and on our Facebook group to empower our members to succeed in their personal and professional life.


Get the resources, tools and guidance you need to empower you to succeed in your personal and professional life when you become a member.



Connect with other women ODs in your community, across the country and the world in our spectacular, fun, empowering and educational events.




Celebrate your accomplishments as the Diva of the week, elevate your mind to reach the success you desire in your personal and professional life.

We Empower each other in the following ways:

Through our inspiration of the week and weekly newsletter, out mastermind, our courses and workshops, consulting.


We Connect in the following ways:

Though our fun and engaging educational events (virtual and live), on our social media platforms and though the sisterhood.


We Promote each other’s success in the following ways:

Through our Diva of the week feature, our member directory leading patients to your practice, opportunities to develop and promote a COPE approved course and your side business.

If you are a woman OD who wants to be empowered, connected, and promoted and the mission of Optometry Divas resonates with you; then you belong here!


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