Step Into The Unknown

Most of the time we are afraid to step into the unknown because we don’t know what’s on the other side.  The feeling of uncertainty we experience when facing the unknown can be daunting.

However, In my journey, I’m discovering that within the uncertainty of the unknown lie the best experiences in life.  Everything you want is on the other side, if you don’t step in, you won’t only miss out on those experiences but you will miss out on life itself.

As many has proven, even in this pandemic, the willingness to face uncertainty can yield amazing and unexpected success. However, you must step into the unknown to find it.

Here are 3 tips to help you overcome the fear of the unknown.

1. Embrace the fact that you can’t control everything

We all like to be in control. After all, people who feel like they’re at the mercy of their surroundings never get anywhere in life. But this desire for control can backfire when you see everything that you can’t control or don’t know as a possible failure. The only thing you can really control in life is the choices you make, the outcomes are not always in your control. So when you are afraid to step into the unknown, admit what you don’t know, but go forward based on what you do know. You may make mistakes, but that’s a lot better than standing still.

2. Focus on what matters

When it comes down to it, almost every decision contains at least a small factor of uncertainty—it’s an inevitable part of living. Learning to properly balance the many decisions on your plate, allows you to focus your energy on the things that matter and to make more informed choices as you step into the unknown. It also removes the unnecessary pressure and distraction caused by a flurry of small worries.

3. Embrace the possibility of setbacks

If we take away the idea of failure and use setbacks as experiences to draw lessons from, there will always inevitably be a positive outcome at some point in your journey. Your professional life will encompass lots of change and diversions – finding out what you like and are good at is just as important as discovering areas to improve on. So regardless of the outcome of you leap into the unknown, there is always an opportunity to learn something new.

So, today my friend, I encourage you to step into the unknown even if you are afraid, for therein lie all the treasures of life.

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