The Best Home Remedy For COVID-19

Since the onset of COVID- 19, we’ve had a plethora of recommendations on how to stay healthy and safe during this pandemic. In this short article, I’d like to bring your attention to a time-tested home remedy that is often overlooked – Laughter!

Studies have found that laughter can have healing properties; and it’s contagious. Here are 5 reasons why you should add a daily dose of laughter to your COVID-19 health and safety regimen!

Boost to the immune system

Laughter decreases stress hormones and increases immune cells and infection-fighting antibodies, thus improving your resistance to disease.

It reduces stress

When you laugh there’s a contraction of muscles, which increases blood flow and oxygenation. This stimulates the heart and lungs and triggers the release of endorphins that help you to feel more relaxed both physically and emotionally.

Protects the heart

Laughing is a great way to relax and naturally improve the function of your blood vessels to increase blood flow. All of this protects your heart by lowering your risk for heart attack or other cardiovascular problems. People who laugh a lot on a regular basis have been found to have lower blood pressure.

It can relieve pain

15 minutes of laughter can increase pain tolerance by 10% because of the endorphins released in the brain.

Improves Sleep

The release of endorphins and increase in oxygen flow can cause you to feel more relaxed which can in turn improve your sleep quality.

Laughter is not a cure for COVID-19 nor will it prevent you from getting or spreading the virus. You must follow the recommendations of WHO and CDC for accurate information about prevention, treatment and management of this virus.

But if you have to be home, you don’t have to be miserable. You can laugh! The benefits listed above are only some of the benefits of laughter, there are so many more… So while in quarantine, add a healthy dose of laughter to your health routine. It costs nothing and you can never run out. It’s the best home remedy ever!

Here’s a little SNL Eye Doctor humor to get you started.

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