What does it mean to be a game changer?

It’s the late nights, the mistakes, the uncertainties, the willingness to face the unknown, the faith to believe and most of all the people who dare to believe in you.  I am overwhelmed with gratitude this morning, as I relish on this amazing honor – Eyecare Business Game Changer 2019! It’s definitely a happy birthday!

I am first and foremost grateful to God for his abundant blessings over my life. I want to also thank my hero, mentor and biggest fan, my husband, James Justin and my children for believing in me before I could believe in myself! I love you all forever!!!

I am so blessed to be surrounded by an amazing extended family and an incredible group of friends.  As I get older, I realize more and more, it’s the people in your life that makes life worth living. I feel privileged to be surrounded by so many greats!

I want to thank all my Divas across the country! I share this game changer award with each one of you.  Thank you for investing in me and in Optometry Divas.  Thank you for your membership and support since 2015. You are the reason for this award, so I thank each and every single one of you from the bottom of my heart.

To those of you who have not joined yet, I urge you to do so today. Join me and the rest of the Divas across the country and let’s Empower, Connect and Promote each other’s success! 

Finally, I want to thank the Eyecare Business team for selecting me and Diana Canto-Sims, the CEO and founder of La Vida Eyewear for nominating me!

Thank you all for making today a Happy Birthday for me! May God truly bless you all!!!


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