Optometry Divas announces the launch of the

CEO of YOU® Scholarship for 2021

The 2021 Optometry Divas Award Nominees Have Been Released!

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Get the resources, tools and guidance you need to empower you to succeed in your personal and professional life when you become a member.


Connect with other women ODs in your community, across the country and the world in our spectacular, fun, empowering and educational events.


Celebrate your accomplishments as the Diva of the week, elevate your mind to reach the success you desire in your personal and professional life.

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How To Calculate Capture Rate – CEO of YOU®

According to the CEO of YOU® program, tracking your capture rates will help you see performance patterns in your practice. When you track your numbers, you will see the truth as it is not as you wish to see it, because numbers don’t lie.

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Why Do Olympians Succeed?

Success at the highest level doesn’t come from “luck” – it takes preparation. It takes hard work. But you need more than hard work. All successful people, all Olympians, anyone achieving at the highest level have 1 ingredient in common…

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