Do you have a passion for empowering women? 

Do you want to become a trusted and respected leader in your community? 

Do you want to bring the Optometry Divas experience to your city? 

If so, keep reading to learn more how you can join the Optometry Divas Ambassador team.

Who is an Optometry Divas Ambassador?

One of the definitions of an ambassador according to the Oxford Dictionary is a person who acts as a representative or promoter of a specified activity, concept, or organization.

An Optometry Divas ambassador is a woman OD who is Dedicated, have Integrity, a vibrant attitude, who is assertive and self-aware.

As an Optometry Divas ambassador, you are promoter of Optometry Diva’s Core Belief, Core Values and MVP.  

An ideal Ambassador Candidate is…

  • A woman OD wants to accelerate their success and become a trusted and respected leader in their community.
  • A woman OD with a passion to Empower, Connect and Promote the success of other Women ODs.
  • A woman OD who enjoys learning, meeting planning, making new friends, and having fun!
  • A woman OD who shares our core values.

What are the benefits of being an Optometry Divas’ Ambassador?

Becoming an ambassador is a great honor and a tremendous opportunity. If you are selected, it will change your life and will give you the opportunity to change the lives of other women ODs in your community and beyond. Here are some of the benefits of being an ambassador:

  • Opportunities to develop your leadership skills
  • Opportunities to develop organizational and planning skills
  • Opportunities to sharpen your negotiation skills
  • Opportunities to learn the fundamentals of public speaking
  • Opportunities to learn how to budget and track performance
  • Free Registration to the National Retreat 
  • Opportunity to build mutually beneficial relationships with vendors
  • Opportunities to become industry KOL’s  
  • Opportunities to be featured in many industry publications
  • Opportunities to get one on one coaching with our founder, Dr. Lauretta Justin 
  • Support to help you create your own COPE approved lecture(s)
  • Opportunity to present a CE lecture at your local meetings and even the annual retreat

What are the responsibilities of the Optometry Divas Ambassador Team?

As Ambassador, here’s what we expect:

  • 3-year commitment as an ambassador to your chapter.
  • Empower, Connect, and Promote the success of women ODs in your community
  • Embody Core Values
  • Create a World-Class experience for our members and guests in every event.
  • Recruit new members to help us spread our mission
  • Recruit vendors to sponsor events
  • Recruit others to join the ambassadors team
  • Attend all local events and the Annual Retreat every year
  • Plan and facilitate 4 meetings per year for a total of 12 events for your term.

Click HERE to see the individual roles & descriptions.

What are the available positions?

How to launch a new chapter?

New chapter launch requirements:

  • The candidate ambassador(s) will host 4 meet & greet events in the region with the goal to recruit 15 new members and the ambassador team. 
  • Once there are 15 new members and an ambassador team of 3-5 Divas, then the chapter launch event will be scheduled. Our team will help decide which event will be best suited for the launch. 
  • Our founder will attend this launch event to meet the new members and cast the vision for the chapter.
  • Once the new chapter has been launched, the ambassador term will begin. 

How to become an Optometry Divas Ambassador?

There are multiple steps in the ambassador enrollment process. Here are the first 4 to get you started. 

  1. You must be an Elite Diva to participate in the ambassador program. If you’re not yet and Elite Diva, here is the link to join:
  2. Submit the ambassador program interest form on the link below.
  3. Complete the ambassador candidate survey. You will receive the survey when you submit the interest form below. Be sure to check your spam mail if you don’t see this confirmation email in your inbox.
  4. Meet with Ambassador Coordinator via zoom for first interview.

If you are ready to take advantage of this incredible opportunity, click on the button below to complete the interest form. 

Watch the video below to learn more about the Ambassador Program from our founder herself, Dr. Lauretta Justin. In this video, she covers the entire process in detail and answers most frequently asked questions.