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Join our thriving community of women OD’s and experience real, trusting and meaningful connections and relationships.


Join the “Happier, Healthier and Wealthier YOU” movement and help us spread the word about work-life balance.

Who is Optometry Divas for?

  • Women ODs who want to be empowered, connected and promoted.
  • Women ODs who are or aspire to become entrepreneurs building million dollar private Optometry practices.
  • Women ODs who have developed services and/or products that help other women ODs succeed in private practice.


What you can expect as a member of Optometry Divas?


To feel Empowered through the following:

  • Personal Development
    • Get self-care tools and resources though our weekly eNewsletter, videos, blogs and events.
  • Business Development
    • Get the tools and resources you need to build a million dollar practice by becoming the CEO of YOU®.
      • Develop a Winning Mindset
      • Develop a Winning Strategy
      • Develop a Winning Team
  • Bolster your clinical skills with Continuing Education

To feel Connected through the following:

  • Live Events
    • Discovery Meetings
    • Local Quarterly Meetings
    • Annual Retreats
  • Online Events
    • Mastermind Groups
      • Peer to peer support
      • Business & Personal Development Sessions

To feel Promoted through the following:

  • Celebrating and publishing your accomplishments as the Diva of the week.
  • Opportunity to network with other women ODs and selected vendors who will promote your success.

We will help you create annual goals for your life and practice.

You will have opportunities to develop strategies to reach your goals though our:

  • Mastermind group meetings – free for members
  • Business Buddy Support – free for members
  • Individual Consulting  – Additional fees will apply

You will be assigned a business buddy to help keep you accountable to stay on track in your goals.

We will create a safe environment where you can share experiences, challenges and victories with one anonther in total confidentiality.



What do we expect from our members?

  • We expect our members to be
    • Determined
    • Intelligent
    • Vibrant
    • Assertive
    • Sassy
  • We expect our members to support one another and our mission.
  • We expect our members to promote the positive values of our great profession.
  • We expect our members to keep everything that is shared in our live or online gatherings confidential.
  • We expect our members to be fully engaged and involved.

How to become a member?

  • We have 2 types of memberships:
    • Elite Divas Membership for women ODs – only $199 per year.
    • Apprentice Divas Membership for students – free while in school.
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