2022 Educational Retreat – CEO of You® Staff Certification

The goal of this program is to elevate your knowledge and thinking as the doctor’s team.

You will leave the retreat with some new tips and tools to help you think outside the box in your patient care and rise above your limiting beliefs to help you reach your practice goals.

Click HERE to view agenda for the CEO of You® staff certification program.


Nathalien Findlater

Nathalie Findlater, OD

Desiree L. Saputo, LDO, ABOC, NCLEC

James Justin, MSW, Psychotherapist, Financial Coach

Danyel Pritchard, Experienced Optician for 27 Years

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2022 Educational Retreat Staff Survey

Welcome to our CEO of You Staff Certification Program. Please complete the survey questions below to help us customize our program to best meet your needs.
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What is your biggest weakness in the optical?(Required)

Describe the patient complaint, the prescription and what the doctor prescribed. Then share what happened and why you think the patient didn’t buy. If you don’t do optical sales, tell us about a challenging case you felt you didn’t handle well.
We will be selecting from the examples submitted for our role-play on Sunday. Please delete, cross out or remove the patient’s name from the document before uploading.
Max. file size: 64 MB.