CEO of You® Success Strategies – Bio-individuality

According to the Institute on Integrative Nutrition (IIN), Bio-individuality is the idea that there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to health and nutrition. Instead, we’re all unique in our biological makeup and requirements. Each person has their own specific nutritive and health needs, as well as routines, practices, and preferences that work for them.

In addition to health and nutrition, I believe we can apply the concept of bio-individuality in every other area of life. We each have our own specific needs, routines, and preferences for how we live and especially how we practice Optometry. 

This concept of bio-individuality is wired into our DNA. After all, isn’t DNA  the epitome of bio-individuality? That is the reason why even though something may be good for someone else, that doesn’t mean it’s good for you. 

It’s very important that you understand and honor your individual needs because you are the only one who truly knows what they are. Regardless of the new trends you may see on social media or what experts may endorse as “best practices”, I recommend you filter all your life and practice decisions through the lens of bio-individuality. 

Also, be sure to check out the upcoming Business Bootcamp which is designed around this concept of bio-individuality in your business and focuses on your multidimensional needs.

If you haven’t been practicing this concept and have not been in the habit of asserting your needs, here are 5 tips to help you stay true to your bio-individual needs in business and in life.

5 Tips to Practice Bio-individuality:

1. Be Dedicated

People who have dedication as a core strength tend to remain true to what they need because they have a clear vision of what they want. If you know what you want and commit to it, you will not be easily deterred by others voices. Dedication is one of the pillars of bio-individuality.

2. Have Integrity

Integrity is a cornerstone of success because it builds trust and confidence with all parties involved. When people believe that you have to integrity, they are more likely to trust and respect your choices.

When you have integrity, you will act in accordance with your words (i.e. they practice what they preach) and own up to your mistakes, as opposed to hiding them, blaming others, or making excuses. Integrity is essential for bio-individuality.

3. Be Vibrant and  Passionate 

When  you have vibrant outlook, you will be full of energy and enthusiasm to pursue the desires. Your passion will help you stay focused even after everyone has left. You will need this level of enthusiasm to stay true to your bio-individual vision. Before others can believe, you must first believe in yourself. Passion is the anchor for that journey.

4. Assert Your Needs

As humans, we often seek the approval of others to validate us and our actions.  That is why for so many of us, the ability to say no can be such a challenge. Recognize that as a natural human instinct and accept that about yourself without judgement.

However, also recognize that your worth comes from within and others will only validate what you validate for yourself. So, practice asserting your needs and you’ll get validation from within and from without. 

5. Be Self-Aware

When you are self-aware, you are better able to recognize and manage your own emotions, which can help you respond more effectively to difficult situations and conflicts. This can improve your ability to lead and manage your expectations and help you stay positive in the midst of criticism.

When you discover your multidimensional needs and embrace a Bio-individual approach to practice success, you will each your goals on your own terms. If you own a practice and want to break out of the mold and create something unique, I invite you to join us for this year’s CEO of You Business Bootcamp. Click below to learn more and to register.

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