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Danielle Richardson O.D

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The featured Diva of the week is Dr. Danielle Richardson.  Read the feature to learn how Danielle’s desire for a high earning job with flexibility as an Optometrist led to the creation of her holistic wellness company. Her story will inspire you to believe you can really do anything you believe you can do!

1. Tell us a little bit about you?

My name is Dr. Danielle Richardson and I’m a Los Angeles based optometrist + founder of Fierce Clarity. I’m from Indianapolis, IN and I attended Indiana University for both undergrad and optometry school.


While in optometry school, I was experiencing many stress-related illnesses. I found yoga + holistic health as a means of managing my own issues and became passionate about learning more. That journey led to my founding Fierce Clarity, a holistic wellness company.


2. What made you decide to become an Optometrist?

When thinking of a career — I wanted a high earning job with flexibility. I wanted autonomy over my time and the ability to create the lifestyle I wanted to live.


At first I wanted to be a dentist, but I changed to optometry while in college. My eye doctor growing up was a black woman and I talked with her/loved her and her words of encouragement inspired me to go into Optometry School.


3. What Optometry school did you go to?

Indiana University School of Optometry


4. Where do you currently practice?

Los Angeles


5. Do you offer any Specialty Services in your practice?

No, not at this time.


6. Name 1 to 3 hurdles you personally faced in your career and how did you overcome them?

One of my ealiest challenges as a new grad was findign the right practice fit for me. When I first got out of school, I worked in a high volume Optometry business setting. I was seeing 25-30 patients per day.


I felt trapped in that business model as a new grad and I was miserable. As much as some may enjoy that model, It became painfully clear that it wasn’t for me.


Unfortunately at that time, I needed the income and couldn’t leave the position. However, after I saved up enough money, I amassed enough courage and quit.  Leaving that environment, allowed me the opportunity to pursue jobs that were more in alignment with vision for patient care.


Another challenge I experienced in my journey is the realization that patient care alone was not fulfilling enough for me.  I wanted to do more than patient care but I wasn’t sure exactly what “more” would look like. Nevertheless, I was determined to discover more and find the fulfilment I desired.


As such, I pursued opportunities that allowed me to explore varous paths for ODs. I worked in private and corporate settings, academia and consulting. It was a 5 year journey, but I’m happy to report that I created an optometry career that I love.


I practice in Los Angeles and love my patients. I also consult for many industry companies, and pursue other entrepreneurial endeavors. I feel fulfilled everyday!


7. If you could go back to when you were a student, what advice would you give yourself?

Trust the process!


When I was in Optometry school I felt like a square peg trying to fit into a round hole. I didn’t feel as passionate about school as my classmates. In those years, I felt like if I was actually myself I wouldn’t be taken seriously as a doctor.


What I’ve learned is that there is room for you. If you trust the process, you will find where you belong. Each experience provides information. Take note of what you hate and love and keep refining. Eventually, you will find the perfect fit!


Do you have a product or side business you’d like for us to include in your feature?

Fierce Clarity

Fierce Clarity is a Holistic Wellness + Lifestyle Brand that empowers modern professionals to live healthier lives. Through feeling-focused yoga™ classes, retreats + events, and an emphasis on plant-based nutrition, we invite clients to take preventative care of themselves + examine health through a holistic lens


How to Contact Dr. Richardson?

To contact Dr. Danielle, email her at [email protected] or click on the social medial icons below.

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