The CEO of YOU Scholarship

Optometry Divas® Launches the CEO of YOU® Scholarship

Optometry Divas is looking for upcoming 3rd year Optometry students with a passion for Optometry and the desire for professional autonomy

Orlando, Florida, June 16, 2021 — Optometry Divas   announces the launch of its CEO of YOU® Scholarship for 2021. The new scholarship program is aimed at upcoming 3rd year Optometry students passionate about Optometry and future professional autonomy.

The scholarship is open to upcoming female 3rd year students in the fall. Optometry Divas will award $3,000 in scholarship to the winner to pay for the following NBEO Examinations:

  • Part I ABS
  • Part II PAM
  • Part III CSE

Optometry Divas believes that professional autonomy and a passion for one’s career bear enormous potential to initiate change, and students will play an important role in shaping the future of Optometry. By identifying SMART goals and developing a plan for success while in school, students can help build a brighter future for our profession. Through the CEO of YOU® Scholarship, Optometry Divas hopes to encourage students to plan for a successful future as ODs.

With its new CEO of YOU® Scholarship, Optometry Divas  hopes to turn passion into action and dreams into plans.

“Optometry Divas is committed to investing in young people, and inviting students to think about their professional future in their 3rd year, will give them the clarity and confidence required for success,” said Dr. Lauretta Justin, Founder of Optometry Divas. “We hope that our new scholarship will not only encourage students to focus on their future plans, but also inspire them to take pride in their profession and to encourage others to do so as well.”

To apply, students must:

  1. Write an essay or create a video or infographic about the pros and cons of their future modality of practice after Optometry School. Then they must write a 5-year business plan for their chosen practice modality.
  2. Then, they must share their essay, video, or infographic on the following social media platforms and tag @OptometryDivas.
    1. Essays should be shared on LinkedIn and Facebook
    2. Videos should be shared on YouTube and Facebook
    3. Infographics should be shared on Instagram and Facebook
  3. After the essay, video, or infographic is posted, students should upload a copy of the business plan with the links to the social medial posts to link…

Submissions are due August 6, 2021. The winner will be announced at our Escape to Serenity Educational Retreat, August 14, 2021.

About Optometry Divas   

Founded in 2015, Optometry Divas is an organization that seeks to empower, connect, and promote the success of women ODs. To learn more about Optometry Divas, please visit

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