Thought Leader of the Year 2022 Nominee – Glenda Aleman Moheeputh, OD

2022 Thought Leader of the Year Nominee - Miami, FL

Tell us a little bit about you?

I am a mother of five beautiful children, I am divorced. I am originally from Honduras, I came to the USA, in 1998. I graduate from NOVA South Eastern University in 2017. I specialized in myopia management. I love dancing, cooking, and spending time with family and friends. A unique thing about my self is that I find an appreciation for things that are imperfect, the very thing that makes something imperfect is what makes it perfect!

What is your why for doing what you do?

Vision is the most precious sense, helping someone see is very gratifying. That is the WHY for doing what I do. I love helping people, I love helping my patients and helping them live their lives to the fullest.

What contribution have you made to the profession that is most meaningful to you?

I introduced the phrase "No Child Left Behind" to the world of myopia management. My contribution to the profession is my dedication to raise awareness about myopia management, especially in the retail environment. I believe every child deserves to see clearly, and I am dedicated to do my part in establishing myopia management as the standard of care in Optometry.

How would you use being the recipient of this award to empower other women ODs?

It is important for younger women ODs to have role models to teach them that they can do anything they want if they put their minds to it. I will use this award on several platforms to encourage young women ODs to take charge of their lives and become leaders in our community.

What advice would you give to someone who looks up to you as a role model?

Don't be afraid of failure, because every failure is a learning opportunity.

To reach Dr. Glenda Aleman Moheeputh, you can email her at [email protected]  or visit her Instagram page – @orthoklove.

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