From Tragedy to Triumph: An Inspiring Journey of Resilience and Empowerment

From Tragedy to Triumph: An Inspiring Journey of Resilience and Empowerment

In a recent interview with Bold Journey, I had the opportunity to share my story, focusing on the sources of my resilience, the mission behind Optometry Divas, and the key qualities that have been instrumental in my journey. Here’s a glimpse into the conversation that sheds light on the driving forces behind my professional and personal life.

Where does your resilience come from?

My resilience is deeply rooted in my faith, believing that God is always on my side, working things out on my behalf. This belief gives me unwavering strength. Additionally, I draw immense inspiration from the women in my family who have overcome insurmountable odds. Their perseverance fuels my spirit, and I feel a profound responsibility to break barriers and push boundaries in their honor. Their legacy inspires me to reach new heights and explore opportunities they never had the chance to.

Tell us about what you do and your focus professionally.

My journey from tragedy to triumph has significantly shaped my path, leading me to establish a private optometry practice, Millennium Eye Center (MEC). At MEC, my mission is to mentor, empower, and care for my patients, ensuring they receive the best eye care possible. My husband’s unwavering belief in my ability to make a difference in the lives of our community members inspired me to start MEC.

Beyond my practice, my experiences inspired the creation of Optometry Divas, an organization dedicated to empowering, connecting, and promoting the success of women in optometry. What began as an idea with just one woman has now grown to over 1700 members nationwide. Our signature events, especially the national retreat, are central to our mission. This year’s retreat, themed “Unleash Your Power,” is set for August 2-4, 2024, and aims to help over 100 women ODs feel seen, empowered, and loved.


What qualities, skills, or areas of knowledge have been most impactful in your journey?

Reflecting on my journey, three qualities stand out: faith, a sense of responsibility, and admiration for my ancestors’ courage and laughter. Faith has been my cornerstone, giving me strength and hope. A sense of responsibility drives me to push boundaries and strive for excellence. Finally, the courage and laughter of my ancestors inspire me to stay positive and resilient. For those starting their journey, I recommend nurturing these qualities to build a strong foundation for success.

Who has been most helpful in helping you overcome challenges?

My husband has been the most significant influence in overcoming challenges and developing the essential skills and qualities for success. His unwavering belief in me, even before I could believe in myself, has been transformative. He saw greatness in me when I couldn’t see any value, and his encouragement often pushed me out of my comfort zone, leading to substantial personal and professional growth. His support and belief have been instrumental in discovering my best self.

These insights not only provide a glimpse into my journey but also highlight the mission and impact of Optometry Divas and Millennium Eye Center. Through faith, a sense of responsibility, and drawing inspiration from those who came before us, we can all strive to break barriers and achieve new heights. My husband’s unwavering support has been a cornerstone of my resilience, and together, we continue to empower women in optometry and provide exceptional care to our patients.

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