How To Find Clarity in The Face of COVID-19 Uncertainty – Part 2

To find clarity in the face of uncertainty when facing high levels of ambiguity, you need to do two apparently opposite things: First, get comfortable with the idea of not having all the answers, and second, take steps to reduce the uncertainty. A few weeks ago, we discussed part 1. Click HERE to read part 1.  This week, we’ll tackle part 2.

How to find Clarity in the face of Uncertainty Part 2:

You can’t wait to have all the information before acting, and you can’t wait for the perfect conditions to set your course. Instead, take the initiative to actively manage uncertainty. Here are two things you can do to find clarity in the face of uncertainty.

1. Collaborate with likeminded people:

Get input, and new ideas from your peers, friends and family. Be inclusive, and rely less on hierarchy and more on relevant experience. Above all, avoid the “I have all the answers” trap. It’s important to know when your expertise helps and when it’s creating a blind spot. Together Everyone Achieves More!

2. Take and incremental approach

Create a series of short-term plans that can evolve as the situation becomes clearer. You’ll likely need a long-term plan, but keep your short-term plan fluid, adjusting it with new information. Regularly ask yourself, “What have I learned that must change my plans in the next three months?” Then, remain flexible to change with the situation.

Now I’d like to hear from you. How are you finding clarity in the face of COVID-19 uncertainty? Please share in the comments below. Until next week be well and be healthy!

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