Inspiration for The Week – Life is Like a Chessboard

“Life is a chessboard, and the player opposite You is TIME. TIME will not tolerate INDECISION. Your pieces will be wiped off the board if you hesitate before moving or neglect to move thoughtfully and decisively.” This quote by Napoleon Hill is one of my favorites.  I have read his book “Think and Grow Rich” multiple times and each time, I still pause when I hear these sentences. The message of this quote always reminds me to follow my heart’s desires boldly. It also cautions me to avoid leaving the things that should be done today for tomorrow. Many times, we think our opponent is a competitor, but really the greatest opponent we have in life other than ourselves is time. It is one of those realities of life that we can’t control. It is given freely and can be taken at any moment.  Fortunately, we do have some control over the pieces on our side of the board. And if we play the game right, we can make the most of the gift of time.

According to the quote, here are 3 ways to maximize your play

1. Be Determined:

According to, determined means firmly set in one’s decision or course of action, especially with the aim of achieving a particular goal. What are your goals and plans for 2021? Have you decided yet? Well, now is the time to decide.

2. Don’t Make Hesitation a Habit

Many times we hesitate to pursue a goal because of fear. However, what we’re usually afraid of is seldom real. If you make a habit of listing to False Evidence Appearing Real, you may run out of time. Instead, chose what you want to do and become resolute to see it through.

3. Have a Plan

There is a difference between moving without hesitation and being reckless. That difference is a plan. When you have a plan, you will have clear objectives and will minimize risks.  The plan will give you move strategically and avoid pitfalls. When you have a good plan, you will be confident to make your move without hesitation. Whatever it is you desire for 2021, I encourage you to take heed to Napoleon’s message and make the most of the gift of time. If you enjoyed this article, please leave a comment below to let me know. Also, remember to share it with a friend. Until next time, remember to continue to Empower, Connect and Promote each other’s success!

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