5 Things Successful Women do Differently – #3 They take care of themselves!

We are continuing our series – 5 Things Successful Women do Differently. This series is based on five things I shared with my niece during a recent conversation we had about success.  I told her to become successful she will need to follow a proven formula.  Since success leaves clues, the formula wouldn’t be hard to decipher.  Last week, we talked about FEAR.  Today we’re going to talk about taking care of yourself!

The Third thing that successful women do differently – They take care of themselves!

“Taking care of your self doesn’t mean me first, it means me too.” -L.R. Knost

You take care of your loved ones and help them with the details of their lives they’d otherwise miss. You’re a doctor, teacher, helper, advisor, and caregiver all wrapped up in one package.

But who takes care of … you?

Taking care of yourself is important, but some people think it’s selfish or inconsiderate. But taking care of yourself actually makes you more effective and energetic. Taking care of yourself is important to maintain healthy relationships with yourself and others.

Here are 5 Strategies successful women use to take better care of themselves!

1. They recognize that self-care is not selfish

For most of us, if we do not take care of ourselves, no one else will. So, caring for yourself is anything but selfish; because you can’t give what you do not have.

2. They become their own best friend

What would happen if you treated yourself the same way you treat your best friend?  You would be generous to yourself, as you are to others. You would love and honor your health and well-being. You’d forgive yourself when you make a mistake.

3. They spend time alone

Spending time alone allows the rest of the world to continue spinning while you rest, refuel and regroup. Time alone can be as simple as sitting quietly outdoors, reading a book at the park or sitting in your favorite comfortable chair with a cup of coffee or tea.

4. They create supportive surroundings

Create supportive surroundings by clearing the clutter of the stuff that drains you. Being part of a supportive group like Optometry Divas will inspire a stronger more confident you.

5. They believe that saying “No” is okay

How many times have you said “yes,” “sure” or “no problem” to a request, only to immediately regret your response? Learning to say no is a skill, and it is a key habit that can empower you and ignite your confidence.

Learning how to take care of yourself as a woman is an ongoing process that changes with age and life stages but as long as you do one thing that makes you happy everyday, you are doing it.

To end today, I wanted to share this quick 3 minutes video about the importance of taking care of yourself.  Enjoy!


Next week, we will talk about habit #4 – How to connect with and build relationship with others..

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