2021 Wellness Challenge Tip#5 – Maintain Close Relationships!

This October, we want to remind you that your health and wellbeing are important and the best way to care for others is to first care for yourself.

For the month of October, we will be sharing 7 tips on how you can improve your wellness and self-care.


Today’s tip is – Maintain Close Relationships!


Why you should maintain close relationships…

Many studies have shown that social connections increase your likelihood of surviving physical health problems, increase your level of happiness, and may even help you live longer. That is one of the reasons why Optometry Divas’ mission is to connect! Connect with a local Diva today.


Five Benefits of Maintaining Healthy Relationships:

1. We live longer

2. We have less anxiety

3. We strengthen our immune system

4. We heal quicker

5. Greater sense of purpose


Everyone is unique and has their own needs and desires when it comes to relationships, handling stress, and living a meaningful life. If you’re the type of person who enjoys being alone, that’s okay too, but attempting to form a few close relationships could contribute noticeable benefits to your mental and physical health.


So, here’s our wellness challenge for you over the next 30 days: Every time you charge one of your devices, we’d like for you to do one of the tips from this handout. You need to do at least one per day. Remember to share a post on social media each time you do one of the tips. 

Let us know if you have taken the #2021WellnessChallenge today by sharing this article on any of the following platforms:

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Wellness Challenge Bonus!

Every person who completes this 30-day challenge will be entered for a chance to win a holiday vacation giveaway! We are giving away “Three nights luxury hotel accommodations” to one lucky Optometry Diva this December, and it could be yours! All you have to do is share your wellness activity challenge!

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