Have you ever felt “not good enough”? Not smart enough, not pretty enough, not strong enough, just not… enough?


That was my story for a very long time. You see, a series of unfortunate events in my life led me to believe that I wasn’t good enough. And I held on to these limiting beliefs about myself for a very long time until I discovered these 8 words.


“I have the power to change my life.”


When I got hold of the meaning of that statement, I was never the same. For I had discovered my God-given power. It was always inside of me. All I needed to do was tap into it.


That is why I empower, connect, and promote the success of women ODs. I want to inspire YOU to discover the same thing I discovered and that changed my life, that YOU too have the power to change your life.


When the challenges in your life seem so big and you feel so small, I want you to remember these 8 words and put your right hand on your heart and repeat them out loud –

“I have the power to change my life!”


Now that you have found this power, I want you to go out there and dream big, take risks, and become the CEO of You.